The top 5 things I wish I had the guts to say during/after childbirth 

With the recent arrival of my baby niece and also of Princess Charlotte, it got me thinking back to my own labour and childbirth experience. 

Both times went very well with no major complications, but of course there were just some things I wish I could have said or done to make it a more “pleasant” experience. For myself anyway! 

So here’s my Top 5 things I wish I had the guts to say during and after childbirth: 

5. Please don’t ask me about my life, midwife, right now while I’m dying of pain! I know you mean well but I DON’T WANT IDLE CHIT CHAT while I’m giving birth!!! 

4. Do you have to be so rough handling my newborn?!? I get you are desensitised due to handling them all day errday but I am careful like eggs so you should be too!

3. I just pushed out a 3 and a half kilo watermelon out of my vijay – yes I am going to walk carefully LIKE I AM IN PAIN! 

2. Give me the epidural! Either way I’m likely gonna get a snip anyway so I may as well make it a nice relaxing time a la Kourtney Kardashian. 

1. Just coz there’s proof of sex – does not mean you are allowed to talk about my sex life. Awks. 
And to that end…

No more babies for me thanks! 

At least till I make my first million 😂😂😂
Xx Joanna 


#TheRealMumsOfInstagram: TobyAnneDesigns

Meet TobyAnneDesigns! 

In another instalment of #TheRealMumsOfInstagram, we continue to meet another inspiring #mumpreneur. 

I always get so amazed by women and mums taking on their own little empires and Toby Anne Designs is another example. I speak with her to share with us a bit about her business journey and inspire you mamas out there who might be thinking in dabbling in your own business venture! 



1. Tell me your inspiration behind Toby Anne Designs? 

I have always had a passion for my childrens clothing – especially my first being a girl !

Being a mum of one and not working back then I had A LOT of spare time on my hands so would often spend hours sourcing gorgeous outfits for her. TobyAnne was born when I was running my other business page which was imported clothing. There was so many people selling the same items so I decided to take a leap and design my own and marketed it for the 4-12 years as the older girls are a huge gap in the market !

The Family

2. How do you juggle being a working mum life and kids? 

This is a tough one and not I can answer properly as im yet to discover a balance. I am trying ! But having two kids in fulltime school then going back for another baby obviously set us back a little, and there are days when I have a stack of guilt – Guilt if bubs is getting neglected, guilt if my business is getting neglected, its a very tough balancing act but im sure I will get there eventually !! I just remind myself to do what I can, prioritise and the rest can wait !

Jumpsuit and Hat from the new range

3. What’s the best thing that you have learned/gained from starting your

I love having something to call my own – an outlet that takes me away from my mum duties and housewife duties . Don’t get me wrong I love those duties, but im sure most  mums will understand the need to use your brain ! I have discovered there is an amazing world out there especially on instagram for childrens fashion and I LOVE  supporting working mums !

Leopard Maxi available now

4. What’s your tips/advice for those keen to start up their own business?

Do it ! What have you got to lose ! Taking a risk and the fear of failure
is what I find most people say stops them, but unless you never the risk youll never know ! Its so great to be able to work my own hours in my own home around my kids 🙂

5. Describe your new range and story behind it? 

The new range is a mix of boho pieces aswell in fashion piece like crops and blazers ! 

I love maxi skirts on little girls, and the boho look is something that looks amazing on my little girl. We have an amazing blazer being released that will smarten up any outfit, aswell as casual but smart skirts jumpsuits dresses and crop tops. 

6. Where can we find your designs? 

I currently sell on Facebook, IG and my website

As well as my first stockist Everythings Rosie which is a brick and mortar store in QLD and also an online store !


Mummy and Me Matching Maxis

TobyAnneDesigns can be found on Instagram @tobyannedesigns_

Check out their new range which also includes a mum and me matching pieces! 

Just to get a bit personal…

This week has been a hard week for me, hence why you probably haven’t heard much from me! As you know, I have gone back to uni full time, and it’s a hard slog with two babies. For real. This week I have 3 major assignments due and a sick little boy (who passed it on to me) and a heartbreak from a friend. It has been a bit of a roller coaster. 

The thing that I discovered thru these little battles is if you just keep going anyway, do what you gotta do and soldier on… They do work out. Whether that be just in how you feel about them or the problems do get solved, you get better and you feel better. 

I think as a mum, we are under a lot of pressure already to begin with, and add on the stress of things outside your family, and it makes for some highly emo days! 


As parents, we do it all anyway even when we don’t even want to get out of bed.

That’s what makes us a force to be reckoned with! And I’ll happily class myself under that..

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Xx Joanna 

Me & Tata: Meet Sara Frega

In this installment of #TheRealMumsOfInstagram, we meet Sara Frega,
mum of Salome, 3 and Lola, 1. 


She is also a mumpreneur extraordinaire:
she is the founder and creative director of baby wear brand Me & Tata,
which is not only 100% GOTS Certified organic and Eco friendly; they
are also super soft on baby’s skin and features modern designs and

Introducing 'Me&Tata"
Me&Tata’s Pure Collection



Want to win these pieces for your precious bundle? Read on to find out how! 
I came across the beautiful pieces via her Instagram page @meandtata and was truly inspired by not only her amazing skills at designing and producing these eco friendly  and baby friendly items, but to also keep up with two little ones is truly in its own a mammoth task! 
Sara is currently celebrating the release of her new “Pure” Collection, so I asked her to share a little bit about her Me & Tata journey. 

Tell us about Me And Tata?

Me&Tata is an Organic Kids clothing brand with a mission to give the best possible start to every baby. We design stylish and practical clothing for the modern parent who cares where their products come from and what impact it has on a bigger scale. 
Our brand started from our living room after my first daughter was born 3 years ago. While I was on maternity leave with my daughter Salome I kept thinking that I didn’t want to go back to my previous job as a Behavioural Scientist. I loved my work, I was working with kids from refugee background to help them settle into a new community. It was challenging and so rewarding. But after I had my daughter it just didn’t feel right anymore. 

So how did Me & Tata come about? 

 I have always been creative and love art and sewing. My mum is a seamstress, naturally my sister and I have always been around fabric, sewing machines and handmade clothes. 
I started sewing my baby’s clothes and loved sourcing the best quality of organic fabric and finding the most comfortable fit.  As demand grew and I started going to markets I knew I was onto something, and I loved it.
I started researching on ethical and GOTS certified manufacturers who would be able to produce our first collection. It took us over a year to find someone with our same vision. I was lucky to have an amazing team to support my vision of Me & Tata.  

How has motherhood changed you and inspired you?

Being a mum has made me a better and more aware person. I started Me & Tata thanks to my daughter. I wanted to be someone who would hopefully inspire her to be a more conscious consumer and who will ask where her clothes come from and how it impacts workers, families and the whole community.
I love being a working mum of course it’s challenging and I too, sometimes feel guilty for writing yet another email instead of going to the park. But it also gives me a sense of belonging to my ‘new me’ as a mum. 

To help Me & Tata celebrate their new “Pure” AW15 collection, we have partnered up to giveaway TWO pieces of your choice from the Pure collection! All you have to do is head over to my Instagram page @mumstyleblogger and follow the instructions! Make sure you are also following Me & Tata @meandtata! 
Visit Me & Tata’s website to learn more at 
Me & Tata are also stocked at the following stores:


EAST FREMANTLE –  Willow and the Bowerbird 

NORTHBRIDGE – Beau est Mien

SOUTH FREMANTLE – Vanilla Gifts & Homewares

KARRATHA – Bellyfruit

Perth – Max and Poppy



EAST GEELONG – Little Earth Nest



SYDNEY – Down that Little Lane



GOLD COAST – Organic Babe and Kids Wear



Little Earth Nest

Organic Babe and Kids Wear

Max and Poppy

We’re BFFs!

Something that I truly know for real that I both love and sometimes get down about is this: My kids are my best friends. 

Actually that is the most amazing thing, we love each other, we have fun, we have deep and meaningfuls (mostly with my four year old – and sometimes that can still be one sided 😂) and we love each other unconditionally. 

Besides this fact, what I get down about is the amount of friends that I have “lost touch” with, parted ways and drifted from since having my new BFFs. I think all mums can speak with me here when I say, your single, unattached friends live a different existence!!! 

Being the first of ANY of my friends, from ANY circle to be married and let alone have kids (or 2 for that fact) has its downsides. Yes it’s true I can’t just go out to restaurants and splash cash, get wined up or hit a bar. Heck I couldn’t even go out on a shopping spree for any other reason than groceries. Yes I might not be defined in the same lifestyle situation as you singletons but underneath the food stained, milk soaked robe, I am still the same person! 

I know we both have our lives, and yes it gets in the way, we all gotta do what we gotta do, so I don’t blame any of my “friends” that we have drifted away, as I’m sure they don’t blame me for not having time/energy/money. But at the end of the day I believe we will reconnect… When one of them FINALLY has a family – I’ll be waiting with arms wide open to help you brush your hair when the kids have beaten you. 

Until then I will enjoy this time with my kids as my one and only BFFs. ❤️❤️❤️



@mumstyleblogger – instagram

Stay down!!!

I have been MIA for a little while from the blog, but for good reason! As some of you may know, I have gone back to university. And how’s uni with two little ones you ask? 
Carter (age 14months) has just started going to child care three days a week, while I at uni, which is a great help, if not for the guilt and the sick feeling I get leaving him. If you have a child in day care you know what I mean! Isis started day care at a younger age (9 months) and I felt even guiltier then so it’s a feeling that never goes away be it 2 children or 5 I’m sure. 
So like I said, yes it’s a great help, but at the same time, I still can’t seem to get all my work done. There’s just not enough hours in the day for us mums is there??? 
One thing that we are working on is getting Carter to stay down. Every night, after the kefaffle with dinner and bath etc, I turn my computer on and lay out my work ready to tackle as soon as the kids are asleep. 
Carter sleeps. I escape. 
Within 30 minutes he’s up. 😱 
Restart. He sleeps. I escape. 
Within 30 minutes he’s running out the room screaming mama like he’s seen a ghost. 😱😱
It’s by this time in tired. I’m seeing double. So I got to put him down for the last time and more often than not, I go down like a sack of bricks too. 
And there’s another night of “attempting” my school work. 
I didn’t have this problem with Isis so it’s proving to be difficult territory. 
Any mums out there have any tips? Surely you have a 14 month old that still doesn’t go down???? 
Help me get this kid to stay down!!!! 
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